“Using the structure that Racole has created, my wife and I have moved to a whole new level of intimacy. I cannot say enough about the power and love inherent in Racole’s work with us. I have never been seen as clearly or held as lovingly.”  Jeff — M.D. in Asheville, NC


“It is hard to relay the trust and respect my family has for Racole. We hold her in our hearts as a person of absolute integrity, incredible insight and great compassion. When working with her there is no question as to the accuracy of her feedback, and that is her gift – to help others in a way that they are respected and heard, and yet deeply moved. She has had an uncanny ability to cut through any ‘story’ to the heart of the matter where growth and change live. I’m so thankful to have her in my life.”  Sue — Creative Director in Toronto


“A few years ago my husband and I decided that it was time for us to get divorced. I was divorced once before and he and I no longer spoke. I was determined that this time my husband and I would and could remain friends. I thought at the time I was being unrealistic and idealistic, but when he and I went to Racole for mediation, after 3 hours my wishful thinking became a reality. My husband and I were married for 12 years and there was a lot of resentment and anger built up. For me and my ex-husband the time with Racole resulted in a friendship that has lasted over these last 7 years. I call it ‘Separation with Love.’ Thanks Racole.”  Cheryl — Program Director in Denver, CO


“If you are looking for profound, permanent and deep change in your life…you want what Racole offers. She is one of the most powerful, insightful and loving people I have ever met. Her love has changed life for me, my family and my students.  Ian — Teacher in Toronto, Canada


“Dear Racole, thank you for all you have done for me and my partner. You have facilitated us to speak honestly, kindly and fearlessly to one another. You hold us with such love and no judgment and we have grown up as a couple with your help. Thank you. Thank you.”  Julia — Grant Writer in Asheville, NC


“Honey has been my coach for about 5 months now and she has been VERY helpful to me. With much intuition and intelligence she has helped me see what does not serve me, and is most encouraging in the way she accomplishes that. I feel better after every meeting, as I am making progress towards reaching my goals.”  Claudia Kalberg — Denver, CO


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