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Accessing Divine Assistance meditation – 1/2023

Includes an excerpt from “This Type of Transformation” by Kalindi La Gourasana, © Copyright 2010, Center of The Golden One.

This is a favorite meditation to soothe the soul and to heal

Why Meditate?!! Quotes, Thoughts and Questions To Inspire

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“I’m inviting you to a One Day Seminar with Racole in Asheville that helped transform my life. I found it profoundly helpful in identifying my past experiences and patterns that no longer serve me and letting go of them, while letting in a powerful sense of divine love and peace. The transformation, awakening and healing of our world happens one person at a time. Deepen your contribution to the evolution of our world by investing in your own deepest inner transformation. This One Day Seminar could be the most powerful and transformative day of your life.”  Patrick — Web Designer in Asheville, NC


“I truly feel that the support of Honey and the other workshop participants gave me the impetus to take the risk and act on what I wanted to do. I will be glad forever that I did. Speak out — Honey will guide you through your issues — gracefully and lovingly.”  Ann — Homemaker in Golden, CO


“As a result of participating in the SelfConnection workshop with Honey, I experienced brilliant, profound, empowering shifts which have accelerated my consciousness leaving me forever changed.”  Anne Martel — New York


“In the SelfConnection Workshop I experienced a loving connection and conversation with my true self. WOW. And I can experience it anytime now that I know the way. Thank you Honey.”  Neal — Business Owner in Atlanta, GA


“I attended Honey’s workshop with the intention to address a troublesome relationship with a co-worker. The core information that Honey gave along with the contemplative exercises not only brought me valuable insight on how to approach the co-worker in a new and more functional way, but also taught me how to handle a very repetitive problem within my relationship with my boyfriend. I was amazed and grateful to have received such simple and useful tools in just one short day with her.”  Jasmine — Accountant in Denver, CO


“The SelfConnection workshop was a much welcomed event that led me to new personal insights and more clarity of actions I want to take. Racole offers a compassionate environment to invite the freedom for people to open up to way more of who they are and the possibilities that come from connecting deeper with oneself. In short, it’s simple yet profound!”  Robert — Business Owner in Asheville, NC


“I now understand what was meant by, ’It doesn’t matter what workshop Honey’s doing, it’ll be incredible because of who she is’.”
Eric — in Brookline, MA


“I recently attended the Self Connection workshop with Honey. it was truly transformative. The exercises and processes she took us through were wonderful. She is such a skilled and compassionate facilitator. I was able to go deep and tap into guidance that really resonated as truth for me. I experienced some amazing realizations and have continued to benefit from what I received that day. Thank you Honey. What a great day.  Judy — RN in Katonah, NY


“Racole is an amazing woman. In her SelfConnection workshop, I got to identify what is bothering me in my life, how it is not who I am, how to set an intention, and how to listen to my inner guidance to hear what is next to bring love to myself and all my relationships. It was intimate and positive and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to redefine their intentions in their life and get clarity. You will love it!” Lena — O.T. in Danvers, MA



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