A service for couples, family members & business partners

COUPLES discover more freedom to tell the truth, the ability to identify what is needed and to ask for what they want. They access the desire and courage to heal past experiences and develop support for self-discovery. The goal is living in a life-affirming, loving, passionate and humane way.

FAMILY MEMBERS find more understanding of each others feelings and are able to accept and appreciate the differences among them. They’re able to move beyond daily conflicts and power struggles. The focus shifts to creative problem solving, healthy environments and optimal human development.

BUSINESS PARTNERS open new lines of communication, resolve conflicts and restore trust. They get beyond resignation and create visions and goals. Possibilities for essential work relationships are explored which results in more collaborative communications, enhanced teamwork and productivity.


“Racole, your work with my wife and me strengthened our marital relationship at a time when we were really struggling. From our work with you we were able to move to a new level of understanding, acceptance and love. Thank you so very much!”  Dan — CEO in San Diego, California


“Racole has worked with my wife and me on our marriage of 36 years. With her guidance, we have inventoried our relationship, unraveled major confusions, faced negative habits and purged ourselves of built up judgments. With a clear and firm hand, Racole has helped me to feel freer and deeper with my wife, more in love with what is real and less attached to what is not.”  Joseph — Screenwriter in Asheville, NC


“Working with Racole has been a loving and empowering experience. She has showed me the courage to stand up for myself without compromise. I found I can be powerful, compassionate and loving in my relationships with family and my mate. I have learned the power to communicate when I am stressed rather than to withhold myself. The amazing outcome of clean communication is the loving, nurturing relationship that I have always sought.”  Nicole — Business Owner in Seattle, WA


“The work that my husband and I did with Racole was so deeply helpful. She was able to clearly see where we each needed to shift at a core level in our relationship. We saved so much time and energy by being able to work this way. I would recommend Racole to ANY couple.”  Kate — Wellness Consultant in Asheville, NC


“I have worked professionally with Racole for many years. Her mediation and counseling skill are very great and have helped me personally through some very difficult business relationship situations and trials of life. I highly recommend Racole as a mediator.
J.M. — Attorney at Law, Denver, CO



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