A service for youths and parents to foster loving relationships, constructive communication and creative teamwork.

• Promotes relationships based on principles of equality, dignity and mutual respect
• Teaches creative problem solving techniques that foster cooperation
• Heals past experiences and hurts and then restores trust and partnership
• Shows how to negotiate agreements that are simple so that everyone wins
• Provides structure & tools that can be easily replicated whenever new problems or issues arise

This process is readily applicable to new situations, to continuously be able to move beyond conflicts — like homework, chores, curfews and drugs —and enjoy harmonious family living.


For Kids …
• You are heard and taken seriously
• You are part of the decision-making process
• Your ideas count
• Your feelings are respected and important
• Your frustration can go away

“Working with you was fun because I learned how to make deals with my Mom and now we’re getting along great.” Randy — Age 10

“Things were so difficult I ran away — then after doing this work, Mom and I came together and were able to really understand each other for the first time in years.”  Leilani — Age 16

black-family-2For Parents …
• You are heard, understood and appreciated
• You create an effective relationship with your kids
• You learn team building skills
• Your power struggle begins to disappear
• Your helplessness with unresolved issues can fade

“Your love, clarity, and dedication to stop the horrible cycle of pain and suffering among families is incredible.”  Ivy T. — Master Chef, San Diego

“My experience in working with Racole Tackett was invaluable. I was a single parent with a teenage daughter. We were having a very difficult time, and through Racole’s coaching were able to move our issues very quickly, enabling us to reestablish a loving relationship once again. If you are having trouble relating with your children or spouse I highly recommend that you call Racole and let her help you.”  Vicki V. — National Seminar Leader, Hawaii



Asheville, NC.
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