honey-0994-face-shotRacole ‘Honey’ Tackett, M.S.

Over the past 30 years Racole has worked with thousands of people – individuals, families, couples, and business partners. The focus is to change hurtful behavior, find forgiveness, re-establish trust, create relationships of love and care, identify goals, and plan for success.

She did her undergraduate work at Queens College, received her Master’s of Science degree in counseling from Barry University and studied 2 years at the Gestalt Institute in Florida. As a popular, syndicated radio talk show host for 2 years, she communicated to a multicultural audience, addressing all types of family and relationship issues. She has worked with people in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Australia.

In addition, Racole has worked in schools, helping teachers to be more effective with their students. In 1990, she began leading workshops in various locations in the United States and Canada. From 1994 to 2013 was a Trainer for Miracle of Love Intensive, and from 2013 to present is a Trainer for Heart of the Matter Transformation.

Racole resides in Asheville, NC, can meet with people locally, and is able to help people world-wide utilizing various  communication mediums such as phone, Skype, Google Voice, video conferencing, and more.

World-Wide Trained Associates

Racole lived in Europe for 3 years which enabled her to work with people in Germany, Holland, Iceland and Switzerland. She has trained others to mediate using the structure she created — so this same mediation is now available for people who speak English, French, Spanish, German or Dutch.

ronnaRonna J. Evans, LCSW

As a family mediator, Ronna provides a warm and safe environment to assist families in resolving their conflicts. In 14 years of working with families, she has helped in high crisis situations, including mental health disorders, substance abuse, academic and behavioral problems, financial disagreements, and divorce. Past hurts are healed with one another and trust is restored. All families will benefit from this successful mediation process.



karinKarin Mitschke

Karin has been working for over 15 years as a mediator and social worker for families and couples in the United States, Germany and Holland. Her compassion, clarity and many years of experience will allow you to open up and work on areas which have been hard to address in your life. She can help to find the love, intimacy and truth that you have been looking for in your relationships. Karin also teaches a Modern Day Meditation practice called the GMP, Meditation for this Age in Munich, Germany.



Pierre Stimpfling, meditationPierre ‘Tony’ Stimpfling

Pierre has been trained in the USA in mediation and conflict-management. He has 12 years of experience of leading groups and has worked with numbers of couples, families, and business-partners in the USA and in Europe to modify destructive behavior and focus on optimal human development. Pierre has also 25 years of high-level business-management and strategy experience.





“Racole has been my friend and teacher for about 10 years. I’ve had the opportunity to work with her personally in a mediation with my husband, then was trained by her and became a mediator. She is also a very powerful leader of groups going through intense spiritual transformation. The results of her work are unquestionable. She is not only brilliant and very sharp, she has a huge heart, and one of the deepest commitments to people I have ever seen. She would be my first choice as a leader, teacher, therapist, or mediator — for myself and for anyone I might refer.”  Nancy — Mediator in San Diego



“With Racole’s expert and compassionate mediating, my partner and I were both able to resolve, let go of, and heal a significant amount of contention and personal pain that had accumulated between us. The structure that Racole has created is so effective and powerful; in such a short amount of time it replaces a long, slow therapy process — the end result is always more clarity, understanding, partnership and love. I am so grateful to Racole – not only personally, but also on behalf of the many relationships that have benefited so immensely from this mediation process.”  Cole — Mediator in Basel, Switzerland



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